Tura Star reflective backpack

€ 62,97

Get ready for it more colorful backpack you've ever seen.
The Tura Star Backpack will put a rainbow of colors on your shoulders. It will reflect the light how could you have imagined!
You have never seen such a backpack, because it is only of its kind. You won't find it in any store. The shopkeepers won't even know what you're asking them.
It is made with technology Reflective, which is capable of creating extraordinary colors upon contact with a ray of light.


  • Measurements in cm (30 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm)
  • Vegan faux leather material
  • Full respect for the environment
  • Star line with a colored soul
  • Backpack with double section, for a larger capacity.

Use two fingers to understand how the reflective effect works

Thanks to its Reflective technology, exposing it to a beam of light, will reflect different colors, always believing new ones as if by magic.

The effect will never be the same, but will vary based on angle and intensity!
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