Tura Star reflective backpack

€ 62,97

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Use two fingers to understand how the reflective effect works

A schoolbag, two design! From anthracite black to a prism of colors in a few moments!

Thanks to its Prismacy pattern He is able to change color by reflecting light depending on the different angles (but I warn you, it's not magical). You will have all eyes on you, we guarantee it.

Elegant and roomy, it is equipped with adjustable straps and a double internal environment, which makes it the perfect companion to carry everything you need.

It is the backpack that is revolutionizing the world of fashion! It will change your wardrobe like no accessory has ever done before. Not only beautiful to look at, but also able to increase social interaction.

Be prepared to receive continuous compliments every time you wear it. For much less than the cost of a dress, you can flaunt it on any occasion and impress your friends every day.

One of a kind, it needs a woman who can handle it. You will need to be able to handle the many compliments and compliments you will receive. You will be stopped wherever you go, it is guaranteed. Anyone will want to know where you got it!

Take advantage now, you will not be able to find it in any shop you already know.


  • Increase social interaction: This backpack is a great conversation piece in any situation!
  • Internal protective pockets: you can safely store your personal items, thanks to the internal pockets.
  • Safety: Designed primarily for elegance and fun, this backpack's reflection can act as a safety device when car lights hit it in the dark, alerting drivers to your presence. Think a little, trendy and safe!


  • Measurements in cm (30 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm)
  • Vegan faux leather material
  • Full respect for the environment
  • Star line with a colored soul
  • Backpack with double section, for a larger capacity.

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Important: Test it on a small, hidden area before cleaning and treating visible surfaces.

Gently clean any stains with a solution of water and a small amount of mild soap. Use a non-abrasive cloth to gently scrub the stains away and allow to dry completely.

Avoid direct and very strong light sources, excessive liquids, chemicals and sharp objects to prevent discoloration, deformation or damage to the material.

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