For our colorful bags we use a special coated vegan eco-leather that changes color according to how the light hits it.

Depending on the brightness and intensity of the light, different effects, shades, saturations are created. You will be able to see it yellow, or green, or purple. Colors can combine with each other, merge, mix and the intensity will not be the same for everyone. And that's why the effect will never be the same.

Please note! Angle is everything! If you don't see your bag changing color under a certain light, try displaying it, or looking at it, from different angles.


Phase 1

When there is no natural light, sunlight or light from lamps or flashes reflecting the surface, the bag is charcoal black and shows very slight or almost no variation in color.


Now everything becomes more magical and colorful!
When direct light reflects, the bag glows with intense and bright colors of various kinds. A mixture of yellow, green, purple and blue. A rainbow of colors
Depending on the intensity and color spectrum of the light, the bag shines like no bag ever has!