Prismacy invites to support Cotugno di Napoli

The situation in Italy worsens day after day and the hospital facilities are not able, on their own, to cope with the health problem. For this reason, PRISMACY makes available its site and its social channels to support the fundraising initiative organized by two medical students, Federica De Masi and Alessandro Ruggiero through the Gofundme platform.

The two students, thanks to the help of the Neapolitan notary Dino Falconio, are in direct contact with Giovanni De Masi, Administrative Director of the Colli Hospital, the Dr. Roberto Parrella, UOC Director of Respiratory Infectious Diseases, AORN Ospedali dei Colli - “Cotugno” Hospital in Naples and Ettore Cinque, assessor of the budget of the Campania Region.

Here is the beginning of Federica's appeal: “I am Federica De masi, a medical student - writes the organizer on the platform - I am worried and I decided to act instinctively. I started on google looking for solutions. I found this platform reliable for other organized collections. I decided to venture and it occurred to me to help out in this way. I consulted the Internet page well and found that in ten minutes I was able to create this campaign and manage it personally, with the agreement to take this money and give it to Cotugno. I chose this hospital because it is our point of reference as the location of infectious diseases in Naples and I believe it needs material support. All my university colleagues and specialists interested in the thing are gathering around me and they are giving help to find a contact to get this sum, which I never thought I would reach in so little! ".

To join with offers this is the official platform: